parish coaching

All of our services focus on these 3 key components:

  1. Identifying and involving parents in the development of the parish youth ministry.
  2. Building a youth ministry through the creation of small, discipleship groups.
  3. Raising up adult mentors within the parish community by developing their prayer life.

Diocesan and Parish Coaching Packages

Our diocesan and individual parish packages involve on-site seminars for parish leadership teams, retreats and several months of parish consulting (length of time varies according to the needs of the parish). We walk along side your team to mentor them in the practice of discipleship youth ministry.

Space is limited for parishes and dioceses that wish to contract for our coaching packages. We will only work with a few parishes at a time. This enables our team to give your parish leadership the attention that it needs to develop a successful strategy.

Youth Ministry Training Seminars

We offer a variety of seminars and workshops on small group discipleship and family based youth ministry. Andrew Ministries is happy to provide parish training seminars, diocesan training workshops or full youth ministry training weekends.

Youth Retreats

We will contract with parishes or dioceses to offer retreats for youth that are interested in diving deeper into the disciplines of a disciple. These retreat experiences are excellent opportunities for both the teens and small group mentors to bond and grow in their exercise of faith. Our retreats focus on Scripture, love for the Eucharist and developing the disciplines of prayer in everyday life.

Staff Retreats

Andrew Ministries is happy to provide parish staff retreats that focus on prayer and discipleship.


 We want to serve. All of our services are offered for a reasonable cost. 

Contact us to make an inquiry and set-up a parish or diocesan assessment.

Everett was a valuable asset to the Diocese, assisting us with addressing the needs for Youth and Young Adult Ministry. 

Catherine Loh,

Director, Office of Marriage, Family Life, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry, Diocese of Palm Beach

The parent meeting went really well. My daughter’s group may have as many as 8. Also there may be as many as 4 other groups that start up from the parental contacts I have made. Everyone was really positive. We also have identified a few possible leaders and will begin those requests.
Lei, from Indiana

The brotherhood in my discipleship group makes all the difference in my life. I cannot tell you where I would be if it were not for my group and leaders.
Joseph, from Colorado

My high school discipleship group formed me to know and understand what to look for in a husband. When I was in high school, I looked for identity in boyfriends and in sexual relationships. I turned away from that when I discovered my identity in Christ. Everett’s guidance in my life was instrumental in forming me as a disciple and leading me to my vocation of marriage. My husband and I are expecting our first child in January. This vocation would not have come about if it were not for the discipleship group and mentoring I have received throughout high school, college and into adult life.
Kathleen, from California

After talking with many of the youth ministers this weekend, we are still bearing fruit from your time with us. There was a palpable buzz from your diocesan training seminar. Our youth ministers will be better because of your leadership. Thank you for coming to our Diocesan Youth Ministers Leaders Conference.

Katie from Missouri

I was so excited to connect with you a few weeks ago. Your support, guidance and advice was much needed as I navigate this new territory of growing discipleship groups at my parish. I am hopeful we will have seven active groups by the end of next month.

Virginia from North Carolina

The retreat that you led was awesome. Our teens really enjoyed it. Some of them were a little hesitant at first with it being such a small group but they opened a lot. Even my quieter teen spoke up often. I enjoyed watching them get outside their comfort zone a little bit. They all told me they wanted to begin reading scripture more often. I thought you did a great job incorporating scripture into the sessions and the teens definitely took note of that.

Brad from Texas